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I got to know The Work in 2005, when I still sufferend from a great experience of loss I had in 2002: both my parents died, my father from a sudden heart attack, my mother committed suicide seven weeks later. At the same time I was in a romantic relationship with a married man. After my parents' deaths I desperately wanted him to leave his family and stay with me—I was terrified to think he would leave, too. And he did—again—seven weeks after my mother's death. My desperation was so great that for a long time I thought I would die, too.

In 2005 I heard about The Work in a professional coaching training I was attending. At first I was very sceptical—I am a psychologist, and they are traditionally sceptical towards everything that is not psychological and scientifically verfied. But I was curious and finally bought Loving What Is. I read it, I found it very moving, and I could connect to everything that was written there. Still, I couldn't do it. Somehow I knew that this would take my whole victim identity away. What would be left of me without my story about loneliness and despair? Who would I be without my story, that everything would be fine, if only the man I still loved came back to me?

It took some months and then I finally filled out my first Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet about the man I thought had left me. I still know the first sentence I did The Work on: I need him to give me room in his life. It blew my mind. I did The Work on my own for quite some time, then I attended The School in Bad Neuenahr in 2008 and started the certification program afterwards. I can't even begin to tell you how my life has changed. In 2007 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis—mild disease manifestion—but I was still terrified in the beginning. The Work helped a great deal with living in the now instead of living in an imagined handicapped future.

The Work had (and has) a tremendous effect on my marriage, on stress around self-employment and money, on negative feelings towards myself (not being beautiful and successful enough), and brought deep gratitude into my life.

I am a self-employed psychologist and business coach and move The Work through workshops, trainings, and personal consultation. I love to facilitate you live or online, e.g. per Skype. I have experience in facilitating The Work around love and relationship, death and sickness, money and self-employment, body and weight, and business subjects like job loss, burnout or conflicts. The Work is an invitation to question the beliefs that bring stress into your life—it worked for me.

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