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Sylvia Dreiser Farnsworth


I had already studied some of Byron Katie’s books before. But it was the day when my husband came home from a performance at a convalescent home in Naples, FL, when I woke up to The Work.

 My husband is a violinist and he plays on a regular basis in convalescent homes. That evening, after he returned home, he shared his observations with me. He had noticed that there were always some people in the convalescent homes, who were beaming with happiness, gratitude, and contentment while others were grouchy, unhappy, and unsatisfied. And yet all of them were living in the same place, under the same circumstances.

 I realized at that moment that my world was shrinking more and more as I got older. What once—when I was a child—had been an amazing place with unlimited possibilities, large and vast and exciting, had now shrunk to a small, limited, predictable place. It was as if the window that invited the world into my life had become smaller. The more established I had become in my career, the more successful I was, the more I had plastered my world with definitions of how it should look like. I had built my own barriers so all that I allowed into my life was that which passed the conditions I had defined.

That evening when I was listening to my husband as he described those elderly people to me, I got my wake-up call. I knew I had to do something so as not to end up as a grumpy, complaining, and unhappy old woman. I remembered The Work of Byron Katie, and I decided to test it.

I began questioning those limiting thoughts; those conditions that I had defined. I worked through many of my stressful beliefs and stories. Time has passed, and I can affirm today that those efforts have turned out to be successful. Today, my friends tell me that they experience me as a happier more easygoing person. As for myself, I notice a very positive impact on my personal and also on my business life.

What I love about The Work is its simplicity. In my experience anyone can do it and I have not seen any situation too complicated or anyplace too dark for The Work to bring clarity.

I am grateful beyond words that The Work came into my life and that today, I can share this powerful tool with those who are seeking for clarity, peace and a deep sense of well-being.

Since 1983 my work consist of liberating the body and the mind from limiting structures and today I mainly use The Work of Byron Katie for this, but also body awareness work which I apply when I meet my clients in person—especially for people who come to my 5-day Personal retreats in Florida.

I love love love supporting people on their path to their true inherent happiness.

As a facilitator for the Work, my fields of expertise are:

  • The physical Body (Aging, Illness, Judgments).
  • Shame, guilt, procrastination
  • Relationships (romantic, mother, business)

I am available to facilitate The Work

  • with individuals by phone, Skype and Zoom, or in person.
  • I also offer presentations, workshops, and training for groups, couples
  • and Personal Retreats.
Please contact me for a free consultation to explore the possibilities of working together.

United States
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Phone: 415.800.3950
Skype: Active Embrace

Naples, Florida, USA; Berkeley, California, USA; Heidelberg, Germany