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For me The Work is an amazing way of life that enables me to become more and more unconditionally in love with life, my self, and with other people. By using The Work to question my mind I found the way to inner freedom, free of suffering and pain.

I found a way to live with happiness and joy, no matter what the circumstances are.

With every inquiry I deepen my understanding and belief that the Universe is friendly for me and that there are No mistakes.

The Work makes me a more loving person and enables me to overcome my thoughts of fear and ego. It enables me to open my mind and heart in a way which I have never known before.

I find the tremendous power of The Work in my daily life, in my relationships with my self, family, friend and co-workers. I see the tremendous change that occurs every time that a thought which separate us, releases, and a space for love and closeness is opened up released from any kind of need or expectation.

And I am free to love.

I am a very happy married wife to Arjan and a mother to Yehonathan. I am very thankful experiencing this love and freedom on a daily basis in our family; respecting each individual to be who we were meant to be.

My experience as a certified therapist and coach includes over 10 years of working with various therapies and remedies.

Ever since The Work has become a part of my life and my practice I have discovered an amazing, simple and very profound way to end suffering and to return to the center of love. I see how The Work lead towards self-awareness and have witnessed amazing transformations in people's relationships with themselves and with others.

I work in my private clinic holding one-on-one sessions with individuals, couples and children in person or by phone/internet.

As a certified facilitator I present The Work to groups and individuals mainly in Israel.

I guide teleclasses for The Work in Hebrew and English, over the internet or by phone.

I run and guide a forum for The Work in Hebrew.

You are welcome to join and share, ask and be supported.

I would love for you to join me in spreading this amazing way of thinking and living, and introducing it into many people's lives.

I invite you to take this opportunity to find freedom, happiness and joy within yourself with the endless experience of unconditional love through learning and loving what is.

I look forward meeting you.


With love,
Tal Nesiah-Cohen

Contact Information: 

Email: tal.nesiah.cohen@gmail.com
Phone: 00-972-52-4502190
Skype: tal.nesiah.cohen
Website: http://www.thefreedomtobe.net