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As a philosopher, I used to write about laughter and ecstasy... When the Work found me I started to laugh in joy and in awe of what I believed! I believed that I had to do it right to be happy and therefore missed everything that was already perfect around me. I had developed a tendency towards perfectionism; I criticized my very healthy body even though I was a ballet dancer and olympic athlete by the age of 16. Later on, I was constantly seeking approval; I was in everybody's business, fearful, jealous and in angst over loosing recognition and love; overachieving; It was hard to be at peace with what I had. I got angry easily. I was critical and dissatisfied around those I loved the most. I had a need to control people and situations around me: just ask my kids! Until I found The Work that is! Through The Work I regained confidence in simple things, I embraced life, guilt got rid of me and in that space I became a more loving mother, wife and a new gentle, kind friend to myself and others. I was surprised to find myself just listening and smiling at people. I started to crave stillness with the realization that life was not my business and with this I found peace, joy and the most delicious laughter ever! I am truly grateful for these questions and turnaround as time and time again they bring me to the center: the love that we are and we do nothing for. “We are being breathed” how easy is that!

For more than 15 years, I have been working with individuals interested in living a happier more connected life with themselves and those around them, initially through Buddhism, meditation, philosophy, emotional intelligence, literature and now The Work.

I invite anyone with issues regarding: parenting, immigration, relocation, jealousy, spirituality, sibling rivalry, kidnapping, safety, partner, birthing, emotional abuse and body perception to connect with me to do The Work over the phone, on skype or face to face. It will be an honor to serve you in this way.

British Columbia
Contact Information: 

Email: tfierro@innerland.ca
Phone: 604.367.8634
Skype: tania.fierro-d
Website: http://www.innerland.com
Website: http://www.taniafierro.com

Vancouver, BC, Canada