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Tatiana Trunsperger


I met The Work in 2010 and I was deeply impressed by this profound and yet simple self-liberating process. It seemed to have the power to cut through any concept, no matter how dangerous or embarrassing, and to go straight to the core of what is real, where happiness has no alternatives. As I started living the practice, I was amazed to see the layers of concepts, denied tendencies, and habitual behaviors that I was not aware of, which were blocking me from experiencing life as rich and beautiful.

When I do The Work, it shifts my focus to cause and effect, showing me the consequences of my stiff ideas. It opens up so many emotions in me, which I had forgotten or hidden so well, that for a moment I may feel overwhelmed. Then, next question brings a relief—it allows my habitual thinking to stop and to find peace—naturally, effortlessly, and authentically. Out of this I can choose to live a different story, one I feel more aligned with. The turnarounds evoke my inner intelligence, offering a fresh way of seeing things. They show me the power of acting arising out of integrity, out of confidence in the flow of life. They allow me to live in appreciation, instead of expectation, open to meet life in its totality. Through them I am learning to let the world and others to be as they are and to fully concentrate on my own role in what is happening.

Thanks to the certification program, I dared to explore those parts of me that scared me, and eventually I left behind the fear of having fear. I started to see the origin of self-made suffering, the impersonal nature of thoughts, and the way to confront physical pain and life-threatening illness without fear. I learned to act in the face of discouragement or personal loss. It touched something permanent and timeless upon which I could build my trust, no matter what. Even when I get angry, frustrated, hurt, or confused, there is this incredibly deep sense of safety I can rely upon and I am deeply grateful for that.

Now, as a facilitator, I am passionate to share The Work with whoever is interested to be free from suffering. I see my service as meeting you at the point where you are in your story, in order to help you to identify stressful thoughts about it, and to inquire them, to support you in keeping your mind focused, whenever you get distracted by a story. I am prepared to go with you as deep as you are open to, and to help you to stay in the process if you get sidetracked; to assist you if you get stuck. In my understanding, The Work is not a therapy, it is not about coming up with a pre-cooked solution, or fixing the problem, or waiting for advice from the outer source. There is no teaching or philosophy you are asked to trust, no dogmas to believe. It does not require a certain preparation or education. All you need is willingness to put a question mark behind your thoughts and discover in your honest answers the new, free, effortless art of living—the treasure that was hidden only by unquestioned beliefs.

It will be my pleasure to work with you on any issue that makes you experience the world, yourself, or others as anything less than kind.

In addition to The Work, I have been practicing meditation and working for over 25 years in an international non-profit Buddhist organization, with the purpose of making ancient wisdom available in the West; as well as giving seminars in holistic body healing. I offer individual sessions in person or via Skype and workshops. Born in Russia, I love to offer The Work to Russian speakers. Additionally, you can find me on The Work Helpline.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Contact Information: 

Email address: trunsperger@gmx.de
Skype: Tatiana The Work

Aachen, Germany