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The Work is simply the most direct way to peace of mind that I know. It has helped me to work directly on the source of my own suffering, my thoughts. Doing the Work on everything from daily frustrations and disappointments to my deepest guilt, shame, and fears, I have found that if I answer the 4 questions and turnarounds sincerely, with an open mind, there is nothing that does not become more peaceful and clear.

The Work has helped me to deepen my trust in my own peaceful heart. I am happier and more relaxed than I have ever been in my life. And I still get caught in stressful reactions sometimes, but it doesn’t last long, because I know where the suffering is coming from and I know what to do. I am even beginning to look forward to my stressful reactions, because I realize now that they are showing me the way to my own freedom. It just feels so good to, ask, “Is it true?” and feel supported by reality.

I love doing this Work and it would be an honor to share it with you. I am a founder of the Japan Transpersonal Psychology Association and president of the C+F Institute for Transpersonal Studies and The Enneagram Institute Japan. I also have a background in Zen practice and pilgrimage. I share the work in individual sessions, monthly classes in Tokyo and in one and two day workshops and in trainings for counselors and therapists, in corporate leadership and teambuilding, and conflict resolution.

The simplicity and power of the work is immediate and the insights it brings remain and deepen each time. For me this Work is an internal peace movement and I am happy to share it with it you in English or Japanese.

Contact Information: 

Email: timmclean@me.com
Phone: +81-557-54-7522
Skype: Izutim
Website: http://www.transpersonal.co.jp/

Tokyo, Japan