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Tzilla Hartman


At almost 60 years old, I am the single mother to my 24 year-old daughter, whom I adopted when she was 10. Both my parents were Holocaust survivors, who spent their teenage years amidst World War II. For 30 years I was a good and happy teacher, although I had very difficult and painful relationships, and no children of my own.

After many frustrated and difficult years I found The Work, and with it, peace and calmness in myself as all my pieces came into one picture. Forgiveness became so clear and it swept me over with a great feeling of joy. I finally understood that all the “reasons” for my anger, pain, guilt, and accusations – did not exist. I learned to question my thoughts and came to understand that living in my business is the freedom I was searching for.

In deep gratitude to The Work I have the urge to share it with as many people as I can. I do The Work with parents, kids, and the elderly, and watch it bring them great relief.

A very powerful part of my Work involves working with the Arab population in Israel. I also established the "Working Community" in Israel, which regularly gathers graduates of the nine-day School for The Work together with others who love and do The Work.

Today, I am a retired teacher, personal and group trainer and I love doing The Work with everyone. I am open and willing to share my experiences on:

  • Frustrated women with "no success" in relationships
  • Struggling single mothers
  • Those who have fear around the adoption processes

I look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Information: 

Skype: tzillahartman

Binyamina, Israel