Being Gay is Unnatural—Is It True? | The Work

Being Gay is Unnatural—Is It True?

Video Description: 
"They Don't Accept Me as Natural" "I am angry, confused, hurt, and disappointed with church and government leaders because they don't accept me as natural, equal, and worthy." Katie: "They don't accept you as natural"—is that true? In this wonderfully intimate public session, Katie supports the inquiry of a gay man into his beliefs about himself and those around him. My mom once said ... the biggest disappointment would be if one of my children were gay. Katie: And who believed it? This video makes it startlingly clear what happens when we believe our stressful thoughts and how, in all innocence, we create our own confusion. The young man doing The Work with Katie shows remarkable courage and openness of heart and can be an example for all of us, showing us what it means to go deeply inside and discover the truths that set us free.