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Drop into the core of The Work with the Judge-Your Neighbor Worksheet, as Byron Katie takes you through every step of the process.

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Filling in the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet
New Year's Mental Cleanse
Start your 2019 with the New Year’s Mental Cleanse. Join me for one day, two days, or all three and a half days: 29 December 2018–1 January 2019. See you soon. xo bk Learn more and register:
The No-Body Intensive with Byron Katie
A woman at a No-Body Intensive asks, "How did we get so screwed up? No one is happy with what they have." Byron Katie answers, "Well, you became a believer..." She goes on to explain the implications of being a believer. We can...
The Morning Walk: An Invitation to Freedom—The Work of Byron Katie®
Byron Katie invites you to this walk, her with your eyes closed, or as you walk in the world. It's a silent meditation. It's about noticing. "It's so lovely to just walk and not know," Katie says, "and let the world tell...
How to Be Safe in the Abyss—The Work of Byron Katie®
Iñaki describes to Byron Katie how he becomes fearful when he understands that thoughts create his world. "Walking down the street," Iñaki says, "I understood that my thoughts create the world I experience. Then it felt like an abyss...
How to find peace after another school shooting—The Work of Byron Katie®
Jo-Jo from Hercules California asks, "What if the Santa Barbara shooter had had the chance to do inquiry, to challenge the thoughts that led him to kill people? Perhaps he wouldn't have done what he did." "If I have no cause to...
How to Have a Clear Mind and Healthy Body
Marcela from Canada asks Byron Katie, "If a body is just a projection of mind, do we still need to take care of it?" "Absolutely," Katie says. "Cause and effect. If I don't eat, the body dies. That is the apparent...
How to Step Out of the Dream and Into Your Life
Tori from France says, “I’m upset because I’m too young to have children” and “I want to accept what’s going on.” She recalls a moment when she was younger, sitting alone in her studio. This is the situation she will meditate on as she questions her...
How To Listen Without Fear—The Work of Byron Katie®
During an event at the Center for The Work in Ojai, CA, a woman questions what she believes about her daughter. One of her statements is “She doesn’t tell me about her life.” “How do you react when you believe that thought?” Katie asks. “I’m...
How to Be Grateful for the Opportunity to be Honest—The Work of Byron Katie®
A woman from the Netherlands asks Byron Katie, “How do I recognize manipulation?” “Just notice,” Katie says. “Any time you’re defensive, you're manipulating. It’s an attempt to hold an identity for yourself--an identity you want us to believe you...

New Year's Mental Cleanse

Want a fresh start? Come spend one to four days immersed in the power of The Work. Byron Katie’s deep insight, humor, and untiring commitment to your freedom are reasons this event has become an eagerly anticipated annual tradition.
29 December-1 January 2019