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Drop into the core of The Work with the Judge-Your Neighbor Worksheet, as Byron Katie takes you through every step of the process.

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Filling in the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet
How to be Successful
How to be Successful—The Work of Byron Katie Byron Katie Vanessa Jane Patrick of the “Limitless Potential” podcast interviews Byron Katie. Katie describes her experience of waking up to reality. Vanessa then asks Katie about identity. Vanessa: If...
I'm Afraid of Trump
A woman suffering with a deep seated fear of Trump, questions her many frightful thoughts about him. "He will create concentration camps, cause a nuclear war, and ruin the environment. I want him to not be president, to disappear, or at least to get...
Donald Trump Frightens Me
Dixie is frightened by Donald Trump because she's afraid he will dismantle Obamacare and Social Security, ruin our economy, deport her immigrant neighbors, undermine the effort to combat global warming, abolish women's reproductive rights, put...
Interview with Michaela from “Cesty k Sobe” in the Czech Republic
How to Live a Happy Life—The Work of Byron Katie Czech/English Byron Katie supports them to get in touch with thoughts that cause them stress and running their life without them knowing it. Thoughts like: My friend should change, My son is arrogant,...
The Gift of Emotions
Byron Katie emphasizes the importance of stressful feelings in waking us up. These feelings are like the temple bells that call you to meditation. What causes them is not the people around you, but what you are believing about the people around you....
Fathers Don’t Die
A young woman states “I'm devastated because my father is dead." Byron Katie asks her “How do you react when you believe that thought?” Woman: When I believe that thought, I feel sick, I imagine his pain, I feel powerless. BK: Where does...
My Mother Doesn’t Want to Know Me
A woman does The Work on a moment in time when she was texting with her estranged mother. Her belief at that moment is “My mother doesn’t want to know me." BK: We’re meditating on “She doesn’t want to know me"—is it true?” The answer is...
I Need to Do It All
Sameer from London believes that he needs to do it all or he won’t survive, even though he knows it’s not true. "The ego loves the thought 'I know it's not true,'" Byron Katie explains. “That immediately tells me that I need to...
When to Question Your Thoughts
Ting Zhao from Georgia asks, “Do you suggest that we do The Work the moment we're upset about something or someone?" "If you are able to, yes," Katie says, "and if not, just do The Work on that moment when you can, and be as...