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#reallove Results

What is #reallove?

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Hello Facebook family of the world,

I invite you to please read the following email from E. and help by submitting your own filled in Worksheets regarding your present or past experience with a "real love" experience that you want to Work through.

Please post on thework.com/reallove and we will share them with each other (anonymously, of course) and with E.

Loving you always, in all ways,

* * * * * *

Dear Katie,

First of all, I would like to tell that you are an inspiring, great, lovely person that I have never met. İ am doing The Work, watching the videos of you, and trying to discover myself… and my thoughts with you. This is an incredible experience that anyone can do. I have searched a lot but did not find any advice regarding "forbidden love affairs" or "secret affairs” for the people in real love. I wonder why that is? There probably are millions of people in this same situation and some really involved in deep relationships. If you would give a light and deep advice this story it would be helpful. I am sure thousands tracking you will be grateful, would find real answers, and so would I. Please tell us something. Help us to identify the real thoughts.

All the best for you,

The Results of #reallove:

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