Conversations with Byron Katie, 22 April 2015 | The Work

Conversations with Byron Katie, 22 April 2015

Video Description: 
Byron Katie does The Work with and answers the questions of video callers from Santa Barbara, New York, Oakland, and Argentina. Stressful thoughts: 1. A child died because of the vaccine it received. 2. My husband doesn't give me as much affection as I would like. Questions: 1. Why do you encourage people to write down their thoughts on the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet before questioning them? 2. How can I do The Work more honestly and have it work on me authentically without pretending that I have more understanding than I do? 3. What do you mean when you say, “We are not thinking, we're being thought; we aren't breathing, we're being breathed”? 4. Where is our free will? "I wish everyone the awareness of love." —Byron Katie