Guilt, Money, Physical Limitations, and Shut-Down Feelings—The Work of Byron Katie | The Work

Guilt, Money, Physical Limitations, and Shut-Down Feelings—The Work of Byron Katie

Video Description: 
In this 11 February live webcast of Conversations with Byron Katie, six people from around the world speak with Katie. Angela from Pennsylvania wonders how to use The Work. After some support from Katie, she lands on a stressful concept: “I want a family vacation.” Together they find that resting in connection can be at least as peaceful as a family vacation. Deep from South Australia is disturbed because he believes that “I needed to feel differently about her.” Katie explains that feelings are the effect of belief. “I cannot feel without a prior belief. Think, feel, act, have. This is the order of creation. It’s how we create this false world. And without your projections, you will never meet another person who is not the love of your life.” Vincent from the Netherlands questions the belief “I need more money.” He sees images of himself working hard, looking at a zero balance in his bank account, and then sees himself and his family on the street. After discovering how depleted his energy is from believing this thought, he begins to realize how kind and supportive reality is. Without the thought, he has the clarity to relax and be creative about his situation. Lila from Washington questions the belief “I’m physically limited.” Through the four questions, she understands that her fears are based on images in her mind. “Your inability to walk is all in your mind,” Katie says. Carolyn from New Zealand is stuck on the belief “I need to shut my feelings down.” “Who made the decision to shut your feelings down?” Katie asks. Carolyn answers, “I did.” “But only 100 percent,” Katie adds. When we believe that others make us do things, we become separate, fearful, and shut down. The truth brings a nod and smile of understanding from Carolyn. Finally, Thomas from Germany wonders how to find his authentic yes and no. Katie walks him through the “Honest No” exercise from the School for The Work. The two of them role-play in a situation where Thomas is asking Katie for money. Katie gently models finding her authentic no in response to his pleas. Website: Webcasts: Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: © 2016 Byron Katie International, Inc. All rights reserved.