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Happiness vs. Ambition

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Is it possible to be happy with what you have and still strive to achieve more? Byron Katie takes on this urgent question from a caller who feels a conflict. “You’re living your max right now, given the stressful thoughts that you’re believing,” Katie says. “You’re only held back by fear, and fear is what I invite you to question. If you had no fear, what could stop you?” Then Katie asks if power or possessions result in happiness. The caller is not so sure. “If I had one wish for you,” Katie says, “it would be that you could be happy no matter what your situation is—rich or poor, sick or healthy, old or young. When your question your stressful thoughts, you’re happy wherever you are.”
Byron Katie: Julia. Hi, Julia. Hi. So, Julia, read what you’ve written. Julia: OK. Is it possible to be happy with what is now and still strive to be more, do more, and achieve more? So, it definitely is. Good. You know, it’s like: What is there to stop you other than what you’re thinking and believing. What is there to stop you from creating the maximum? I mean, if you didn’t fear, what would stop you? I mean, just because we become; we get a little self-realization doesn’t mean we become stupid. It’s the extreme opposite. Wisdom is, when you’re tapped into that, not only are you free, but you have direction. And you don’t have to wonder about it or second-guess it. It’s just so clear. And there’s nothing beyond you because the directions give you what you can do from right here, right now. It’s powerful. Whether it’s pick up a phone or what’s going through the computer or doing the dishes. And they’re all equally as valuable when it’s fearless. And there’s an order to things. So, with nothing to stop you, why wouldn’t you be able to create a maximum? And you’re living your maximum right now, when you consider what you’re thinking and believing, you are living your maximum. We all are. So, we’re only held back by fear and fear is what I invite you to question. To identify the thoughts, put them down on a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet, and question them. Freedom’s your birthright. And also, if you were really, really truly happy, let’s say you had nothing. That’s a very broad statement. But let’s say, OK, let’s just take you right here right now, with everything you have and don’t have, if you were happy, if you were happy, isn’t that what you want? Am I happy right now? No. If you were happy in your life right now, isn’t that maximum? Yeah, actually. Yeah. So, it’s not about what we have or do. It’s about happiness. And inquiry brings you happiness because it brings you back to yourself, and there are no requirements in it. So with that kind of freedom, you have nothing to lose, because you always have that. And that’s a fearless state of mind. Yeah. That’s really comforting. And entirely creative. You know, I’m glad you asked the question. I hope I’ve answered it well. You seem to have gotten something. But, you know, if not just; it’s like, of all the things I would want for you, and I could only choose one, it’s happiness. And then everything else becomes unnecessary because that’s the ultimate. And it’s not a silly happiness or a superficial happiness. It’s the authentic real deal. So, it doesn’t matter, truly, if we’re rich or poor or we’re sick or well or we’re tall or short or old or young. Happiness. That’s it. And just to say a little more, if you… I guess, not to say a little more. So, that’s what I love about The Work. It gives us the maximum. If you had everything, everything ambitiously in the material world, and position and power and all of that, would it bring you happiness? I didn’t really understand the last part that you said. The connection is kind of… OK, so, if you had everything in life you ambitiously wanted, would that make you happy? Ideally, it sounds like it would? Well, I invite you to, the next time; no, we can do it from here. Go back to a time where you got something you wanted. Something you really wanted. Do you see that moment? Yeah. You were really happy. How long did it last? Yeah, I see what you’re saying. It was a little while. An instant. So, you got what you wanted. It lasted an instant. And I definitely want more for you. And I want more for you because I know you want more for you. So, you’re having a little difficulty with the connection. So what I can say is, Julie, thank you for your email and thank you for your questions. Thank you.

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