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I Didn’t Want to Hurt Anymore

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A caller asks Byron Katie why she was in a hurry to free herself from suffering. “I didn’t want to hurt anymore,” Katie says. “That’s why I was in a hurry.” Katie’s answer is that even the slightest sense of unease is a reason to do The Work. The Work is a meditative noticing of the inner workings of the mind and taking full responsibility for what you see. Anything short of peace can be put up against four questions and turnarounds. The mind continually generates images that have the potential to disrupt your equanimity. The Work is preventative medicine. The sole cause of suffering, Katie says, is our unquestioned beliefs. The solution? Question them. When you question your stressful beliefs, you don’t need to let go of them. They let go of you.
Byron Katie: Andrea. Andrea. Hi, Andrea. Andrea: Hi, Katie. Thank you for your email. Would you read it, please? Sure. Dear Katie, If heaven is here now, why do you say that you are in a hurry? So, and you also said, if it's OK with you. . . Yes. And if this question isn't suitable for the webcast, I'd love to hear your answer anyway. Yeah, and the reason I want you to include it is it's always OK. Any question is OK here. Because if you have it, someone else is gonna have it. And if we're transparent, then who knows how far-reaching that is that we can give. . . So you don't ever have to. . . There's so much beauty inside of you; you never have to hold back. And so what I wrote this morning was: Suffering doesn't stop until it stops. And I had no way that it hadn't already stopped. So I really was doing preventive medicine. So, the question is: If heaven is really here now, why do I say that I'm in a hurry? If all the suffering's gone, which you all have moments of that, all the suffering is gone, and I imagine I'm going to suffer. That imagining is the Worksheet that belongs on paper. So eventually it caught. . . And I was in a hurry. It's. . . let's see what else I've written here just to make sure that I'm going to make it as clear as possible. I really was doing preventive medicine and I invite everyone to take care of their own business. That internal head that's running. It's not as though you don't have a lifetime to consider. Your mind will give you what you want, need, for the next Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. Eventually, my mind left me alone. Completely alone. So, let's say I'm not suffering. It's fine. But then I'm talking to someone and their aunt comes up. And then this situation arises in me that wasn't there prior to that. So, there's my next Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. Well, I had complete peace around that one. Well, why would that stop me from doing a Worksheet? And maybe I will. Maybe I won't. But if there were more Velcro on it than I was experiencing around my aunt, if there were any kind of pull or tug, there was really fascination for me. But if there were any kind of pull or guilt or anything like that, it's a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. So, in the future, it doesn't affect me because it's been Worked. So, why I'm in a hurry? I want to take care of all unfinished business within me, and my mind will give that to me. It will resurrect it for me so that I can take care of it. But I didn't want to hurt anymore. So, that's why I was in a hurry. So, for all I know, I was already peaceful and it didn't stop me from doing The Work. What are your thoughts about that? I'm wondering how it is now, now that you're in that place of peace. You know: people come to you. You compare what they're thinking and believing against yourself. Well, they remind me of similar situations. And also, did you see an image in your head of the aunt in the hospital and her bringing flowers to her? Yes. You saw that image? OK. So, that was within you. So, really we're not connecting with that other human being. We're connecting; we're closer than close. We're holding the image of every thing; everyone you encounter when they're talking, you're imaging. And believing. And that's in your head. It's not out there. Because you saw her picture on camera, but you saw her in the hospital with flowers. So, one is real. One is not. So, we see her in the hospital and then we put that story on the image we're looking at. But that person, that is everything we're seeing is within us, and believing. So what I'm seeing is even if it's not giving me suffering. . . I mean, that was such a beautiful story that there's just more beauty to be seen. Yes. If I'm not suffering. Yes. And it's a beautiful story because we were walking the belief system through inquiry. That's what made it beautiful. It's not beautiful when you hear the story itself. But when we question, it starts to unfold and. . . That's heaven. The real thing. And it's all within you. That's where it happens. So, to sit down with your beautiful self and just getting still and identifying what you're thinking and believing and any situation that comes to mind and then put those thoughts on paper. It will set you free, set you free, set you free, set you free. Because you are sitting in the authentic. You're sitting in yourself, not an outside teacher. Thank you. You're welcome. Thank you. I'm still not sure I answered your question well. But it's certainly wonderful spending time with you. That felt good. That felt right. Thank you Andrea.