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Inner and Outer Pollution

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'There’s a plastic garbage dump twice the size of Texas floating in the Pacific. How in the world am I supposed to love that?' 'Is your mental image of the garbage dump the same as the garbage dump?' Byron Katie asks. 'Which is causing your stress: the reality or the image?' When you’re able to understand how stress is created, to clean up your inner environment, you can act more effectively to clean up your outer environment.
Byron Katie: Let’s go over just a little, Lauren, and are you there, honey? Hi. Lauren: Hello. Hi. So, read what you wrote. Hi. It’s a real bad connection but I’ll do my best. Oh, oh. So, I just heard Stan’s voice and just “one of those days.” He’s still laughing, though, so we’ll stay connected as long as Stan’s willing and I’m willing and you’re willing. Oh! Oh. So, he’s saying our side is clean. It’s the Internet thing that’s going on. And you probably can’t hear any of this. So, I’ll… Can you hear; can you read it? Can you hear me say “read it”? I can read it. OK, great. I practice The Work faithfully, but I struggle with how to apply The Work to the environmental disasters like the plastic garbage dumped in the Pacific, double the size of Texas, the oil spills and fracking hazards, GMOs, factory farming, etcetera. I don’t know how to love these things. Yeah. Yeah. So, Lauren, I just witnessed, as you were talking, in my mind’s eye, and didn’t you, the plastic garbage dump in the Pacific double the size of Texas. Yes. I could just see it. And you’d see that image like, “Ugh!” You know, “Ohhh!” And then I’d see the birds coming in to eat, and oh, it is just… And I just; ugh, those images. So, I’m witnessing a movie in my head. Because prior to that, I was fine. What changed? A movie happened. I saw this island as big as Texas of plastic bags in my head and I’ve gone from connection to no connection because I’m preferring a movie to this moment right here, right now. OK. OK. So, the plastic garbage dump the size of Texas. And I’ve never even really seen it otherwise. No. I haven’t even seen it on the Internet. The only place I’ve seen it is here. So, who is creating, what is creating that massive… You know: this pain in me and this massive garbage dump? Well, it’s so simple to see. I did that. It’s here. It’s in my head. And I can’t touch it or anything. So, that garbage dump isn’t real. That one isn’t real. I don’t know about the other one. Never seen it. I know this one isn’t real, and this is the one that upset me. Yes. OK. So, without the story you are believing about the image, isn’t… now, look at the image of that garbage dump in your head. Now, without your story, isn’t it amazing? Yes. It’s amazing. And created by all of us. You know, it’s reunion. I mean, without a story, it’s remarkable. I mean, when you watch the “is” at work, you know, there’s nothing that is in nature. Now, all of you that may be not doing really well with this, I’m only talking about the image in my head. I’m not talking about what people may see as the real garbage dump. It’s not real to me because I’ve never seen it. And I’m so opposed to it, but I’m not changing it. What have I done? I’ve never even seen it. I haven’t even gone that far to even look at it, even on the Internet, for me. So, even though I’ve heard about it and I image it. OK. So, look at it. Now stop. So, when we do The Work with it, you know, the 4 questions, and we turn it around, and people; it’s like… I’m looking for the one-liner here. But anyway, when I turn it around, it’s like people should stop; the concept, people should stop… … polluting the Earth. Yes. Using… OK, but with the plastic thing, people should stop using plastic bags. OK? So, or, people should stop producing plastic bags. It works in any of it. So, turned around, I should stop using plastic bags. Yeah. And then that’s my prescription for happiness. I don’t like that island as big as Texas so I’m gonna do my part. So, completely stop using plastic bags. Just try it. Yeah. Just try it. It’s hard. Now you know why it’s not so easy. I mean, if we all did our best… Well, that’s always going on. We’re always doing our best. But if we consciously all swore not to use plastic bags, we’d use them. It’s going on, and I can’t say that it’s going on out there, but I have tried and they pop up and “just this one.” “Well, I’m recycling.” “I’m using it over and over.” And, you know, all this justification going on and I’m witnessing the world as I witness myself. And those were with the best intentions. You know, here at BKI, we’re all about that. Yes. And one will show up somewhere at my house. So, stop using plastic bags completely. That’s the key to my happiness. And I give it my best shot. And I’m not just saying that. I really do. And I notice they slide in and out. Yes. Someone will bring it into the house and I’ll use it for something else, which is OK because “I’m recycling.” But I’m using it. And then; and I don’t know what to do with this. So I just… anyway. So, when did I last use plastic? When have I identified? So, I identified the event and then understand the immensity of the plastic bag island and how it was established. For me, it’s a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. “I am horrified that our oceans are being taken over with oil spills.” (You mentioned oil spills.) “… with oil spills.” “I want the oil companies to stop drilling in the oceans.” “Oil companies should see what they are doing to the planet.” “Oil companies should be more conscious.” “I need oil companies to stop it now.” “I need them to clean up their part; clean up their past. Make it right.” “Oil companies are unconscious.” “They are killing, poisoning our planet.” “I don’t ever want to hear about another oil spill again.” Now, when I turn all those around, I have the plastic thing again. Yes. If, you know, I’ve got a car that is a hydro. Oh, I’m half doing it. I’m still driving. You know? I do a flight from here to there with all great intentions. I’m still; I’m it. I’m it. I’m it. I’m it. And so how… I believe these things until it comes to me. And then I witness; I watch. Now, that gives me; it puts me into this state of humbleness when I think of all those people that create it. Humbleness. Compassion. Connection. And it leaves me continuing to do the best I can. And I get better at it. And I get better at it. And things are falling away and falling away. And it’s… The more conscious we become, the more right we are with ourselves. The better example we are. And it’s up to you. You know? It’s up to you. You are the one. You’re it. And if you can’t do it, it can’t be done. But I’m not looking at all those other people until I can take care of this myself. So, that’s a full-time job and it keeps me occupied. Yes. Yeah. And, as we; and when I leave the office, I am going to look for this giant thing on the Internet. Because I’ve heard about it. And I’ve never seen it. And, thanks to you, I’m going to go look at it now and look for ways that I can do better. Yes. And there’s some brilliant minds out there showing us how to do better. That’s right. So, thank you for awareness. Thank you, Byron. And you know the whole thing about this is being right with yourself. Yes. That’s it. That’s it. That’s what all those bags and oil companies are all about. They bring us closer to ourselves. Thank you. Thank you, Katie.