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Byron Katie’s Helpline for The Work

The helpline is for anyone who wants to do The Work right away, by phone or online, with a trained facilitator who has graduated from the School for The Work with Byron Katie.

There is no fee for this service.

Calling Byron Katie’s Helpline:

– Helpline Facilitators respect your wish to remain anonymous if desired.
– You must call the Helpline directly. No collect calls will be accepted.
– You are free to call any one of the listed Facilitators during the hours they are available. Please respect their specified availability and do not call any other time unless you have the Facilitator’s direct permission.
– If all Helpline Facilitators are busy and your phone call goes to voicemail, please leave a message with your phone number. Helpline Facilitators will do their best to respond to your call.
– When you call, be prepared with a completed Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet and/or a One-liner, or a question about doing The Work.
– The length of your call depends on a variety of factors. Our intent is to make ourselves available to as many people as possible, and we love supporting you in this way.
– If you are in immediate danger of harming yourself or others, please call 911 or contact a local mental health organization.

Helpline Facilitator’s Responsibilities

– It is the Facilitator’s responsibility to walk you through The Work, not to give advice or therapy.
– The Helpline Facilitator is present to work with you when your intention is to meet the Four Questions and Turnarounds with honest answers.
– If the Helpline Facilitator feels that The Work is not being done honestly, they will let you know and the session will end.

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