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The Helpline

Did you ever try the free Do The Work Helpline? Here is one of the many emails we receive:

My name is Simon and I live in France. I called and spoke with Melissa on Saturday and wanted to say how enormously helpful it was to me, and what a wonderful person she is! A friend gave me Loving What Is in August and I feel that it has changed my life. Two previously troubled relationships–one with my mother, the other with a neighbor who is also my best friend–have been completely transformed as I questioned my thoughts and saw how much my thinking was the problem and the cause of my pain (and not the other people).

That said, I felt I had got so far with inquiry with one of those relationships and as hard as I tried I was feeling stuck and not sure how to take things to a deeper level in questioning my thoughts. Melissa so sweetly and kindly and thoughtfully helped me take things to that deeper level and I am very grateful to her.

Just in the last few months The Work has helped me find such peace and joy in my life, so thank you Byron Katie, the Helpline and everyone who gives their time freely in the service of others. I wish you all every blessing and thank you with all my heart.


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