Video: I Need Mom to Accept My Bisexuality

I Need Mom to Accept My Bisexuality

A young woman says that she needs her mother to accept that she is attracted to women.

With Byron Katie’s help, she questions this thought and realizes that it isn’t true. And if she didn’t believe it, she realizes, she would feel whole and strong.

Without the need for approval, Katie says, not only would she be comfortable, but she would be intimate with her mother. “When you don’t need her approval, you can be there for her. You can say, ‘Mom, tell me more. Are you hurt because I prefer women? Do you think this will embarrass you? I want you to know I love you, and I’m going to be there for you. And I understand if you don’t approve of me. It was really scary for me, and I’m still scared.’ Give her the time that you gave yourself.”