Video: I Need to Do It All

Sameer from London believes that he needs to do it all or he won’t survive, even though he knows it’s not true. “The ego loves the thought ‘I know it’s not true,'” Byron Katie explains. “That immediately tells me that I need to Work that thought, since I really don’t know what’s true for me until I question it.”

After Sameer questions the thought, Katie suggests a turnaround: “I will be able to do it all, and I won’t survive.” “That feels really uncomfortable,” Sameer says. “I have a fear of being nothing.”

“It’s just identity we’re dealing with,” Katie says. “It’s not the life and death of the body, but of who you believe you are,” Katie says. “In this moment, while we are talking together, the world is what it should be, and it’s comforting to realize that it doesn’t need me at all.”

“I love the thought that I don’t need to survive,” Sameer says.