Podcast: Wisdom 2.0: Embodiment Lounge with Eillen Fisher

Eileen Fisher speaks with Byron Katie about The Work and its relationship to the body. 

BK: All four questions are an invitation to get still and meditate to witness what arises. The experience in the body can be anything from slight discomfort to terror, in response to the “one-man show” playing in your mind.

Eileen: I have trouble with anxiety. 

BK: Let’s look at anxiety. I invite Eileen and everyone to find a moment in time, a situation, when you were experiencing anxiety.  When you find the moment, notice what you were thinking and believing. What judgments were happening as you experienced the anxiety? So all we are doing really is meditating on a moment in time. It takes stillness. It doesn’t matter when the moment occurred; just get still enough to notice what you were thinking, imagining, and believing.

Eileen: I notice the thought “I’m not good enough.”

BK (to the audience): Familiar? Is there anyone who has not experienced the thought “I’m not good enough”?  (Laughter.)

Katie proceeds to guide Eileen and the audience through the four questions and turnarounds on this common thought to rediscover the clarity within each of us.

It’s not life that is causing stress within us; it’s what we believe about life. –Byron Katie

To listen to the podcast, click below.

Wisdom 2.0: Embodiment Lounge with Eileen Fisher



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