Podcast: An Interview with Soren Gordhamer

Byron Katie and Soren Gordhamer discuss bringing inquiry to our thoughts about politics. 

Soren: The recent election has triggered us in many different ways. We typically ignore or react to these triggers, but what is a third way that can create a new world, rather than the division we currently experience? We can begin by questioning our thoughts, but if I don’t believe the stressful thought, can I still fight for the things I feel a need to fight for?

BK: I wanted to change the world, so I questioned what I believed about the world, and the world changed. In other words: I wanted to change the world, so I questioned my judgments, assumptions, and beliefs about the world, and the world changed, as my mind made the shift. 

The universe is friendly, but what we’re thinking and believing about the world may not be. —Byron Katie

To listen to the full podcast, click below.

Wisdom 2.0: Politics with Soren Gordhamer


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