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Podcast: No One Can Wrong Me—The Work of Byron Katie

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At the Wisdom 2.0 conference in San Francisco, a woman from the audience says she was verbally attacked and blamed by her classroom teacher. Byron Katie guides her through The Work, beginning with the thought “My teacher is blaming me.” “When emotions arise and you experience anxiety, depression, or sadness,” Katie says, “identify what you are thinking and believing, capture it on paper, and then meditate on the four questions and turnarounds. These feelings of blame are so far off from our true nature. Until mind matches true nature, our Work isn’t done. When they match, it’s the end of separation and the beginning of intimacy. It’s a whole new way of being. It’s a life without problems.” As she finds her answers to the four questions, the woman realizes that her teacher didn’t actually say what she believed she said. And through the turnarounds, she discovers the ways she actually blames herself. Then she questions the many other thoughts she has identified from the situation. Ultimately, she can clearly say “I look forward to feeling blamed, because it shows me where I still have Work to do, where my beliefs are still hurting me.” The only way I know to break the spell of belief is to meditate on “Is it true?” —Byron Katie


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