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Podcast: Is it Crazy to be Fearful?

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Aaron Alexander of Align Podcast spends an hour with Byron Katie. As a result of feeling unsafe, insecure, and alone, Aaron has developed a strong social media presence to create support, network, and community for these issues.
“When people are struggling,” Katie says, “inquiry is a place they can turn to. The Work is meditation. It’s a different way of getting still. In this stillness, we invite in the teacher that really matters. We invite what’s shown to us in the silence.”
Aaron asks, “How important is language in the moment? It feels to me like we create our world around our language, and with every word you’d say, ‘It’s like we’re casting a spell on those around us.'”
“We are,” Katie says. “What I’m thinking and believing is the spell that I’m casting on my life. And that spills over to other people. Is what I’m believing kind? If it’s kind, it’s wise. To live out of a kind mind is an amazing gift. We all have the power to sit in the question ‘Is it true?’ and discover that wisdom.
“Enlightenment is a trip I invite people not to miss. And I can’t claim enlightenment. What I received was a gift that I can’t take credit for. I’m just grateful that I’m out of that awful suffering, and that I can pass on–to anyone who’s open to it–a way out of depression, loneliness, isolation, addictions, and low self-esteem. There is a way out.”
Aaron asks about Katie’s January 2014 close call with death.
“Oh yes, my vital organs were shutting down,” Katie says. “I was dying, and the doctors couldn’t do anything about it. This is all detailed inA Mind at Home with Itself. Long story short, I never saw a problem. I love life. I don’t want to waste one moment of that life worrying about the future.”
“Are there any fear-based patterns that you still replay?” Aaron asks.
“I still experience images and words; there’s just no attachment to them. They’re fantasy. It’s like going to a movie, but you know it’s a movie. If I can shift to a kinder state of mind, then anyone can. I wouldn’t want anyone to live in a state of mind as crazy as mine was. Inquiry has allowed me to open my arms to what is.”
“In what direction do I point people to find out more?” asks Aaron.
“Tothework.com,” Katie says. “And for people interested in non-duality, I have a No-Body Intensive. And I invite everyone to the School for The Work. It’s a radical nine days of inquiry.”
In stillness or meditation, we invite in the teacher that really matters. —Byron Katie
For more information, visit thework.com
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