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Kelley Hails

The Work reminds me of a saying I love, by Rumi: “Keep your eyes on the bandaged place. That is where the light enters you.”

My childhood was challenging, with poverty, trauma, and loss. My adult life was challenging as well. By the time I was 43, I had serious medical problems, several major surgeries, and chronic pain. I had to leave my beloved job as an Emergency Room doctor. In my quest for healing, I studied Mind-Body medicine through Harvard Medical School and Energy Healing through the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. I learned how to pay gentle attention to my emotions and body and to take care of myself. A teacher recommended A Thousand Names for Joy by Byron Katie… and that’s how I first fell in love with The Work. For me, healing comes down to three things: trust, love, and truth. The Work led me there.

I can trust the Work. I experience a sense of safety, for the first time… that I belong. Doing the Work has moved me to be more open, pain-free, and at ease in my mind and body. I have rediscovered trust in myself and in life.

My relationships, too, have changed from doing the Work deeply. My long term personal relationships with my family have healed and shifted. I am at ease in making new friends and experiencing a new sense of community. Most importantly, I have found my innocence, and recovered a profound sense of loving me. The Work gave me love back.

From early childhood on, I thought I had to work hard to earn a right to be here. That I had to prove my worth in the world and to God. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have value and worthiness. I also get to know authentically who I am in the world. Now, I really experience the truth that I contribute more by who I am than by what I accomplish.

I see The Work as the “Ultimate Healing Work” because it gives us the experience of trust, love, and truth—and that, to me, is what heals us. Since I found the Work through my own quest for healing, you might too. Perhaps you suffer from chronic illness, pain, or are experiencing a crisis in your own life or family. Or you are overwhelmed by emotions like anger, anxiety, fear, grief, guilt, or shame. Maybe you have a history of childhood loss or abuse. Do you want freedom from your suffering? I invite you to join me in The Work!

I am a former Emergency physician, Integrative Holistic physician, and Brennan Healing Science practitioner (energy healing work). I am also an artist and a writer.

I am available for individual sessions of The Work via Skype, phone, or in-person sessions. I offer online classes, workshops, and retreats for groups or organizations. I author a blog on healing, TrustLoveTruth. I look forward to meeting you!

Florida, United States
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