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Alexandra Peach

I was introduced to The Work in January 2006, by a teacher for whom I had the highest regard. I will never forget my first impression—this is nonsense! It wasn’t until I looked at the videos of Katie working with people, that it dropped—big time.

I have had intimate experience with divorce, death, sexual abuse, financial loss, and addictions (food, cigarettes, and alcohol). The greatest miraculous shifts have happened, when I have been willing to be in whatever state I am in. The brilliance of this for me, and the thing that gives me the most comfort, is that all I need do (and not even) is my Work. I have found myself simultaneously howling and laughing during these shifts, such as realizing smoking quit me, the last door so ever gently closing my denial to my alcoholism (what a gift to even be able to be writing this), the closeness and peace I experienced with my mother’s unexpected death from stroke, the breakdown of a marriage that I considered was one of those one-in-a-million relationships, and somehow being unexpectedly okay losing a great deal of wealth.

My experience since having The Work in my life is that the worse my life looks on paper, the truly happier I end up being. It’s said that our struggles and traumas, are grace coming into our life, opportunities for self-realization. For me, The Work allows me to experience them as the gifts they actually are.

My journey as a functional nutrition and corrective exercise coach, has slowly but surely moved me to focus on The Work. For me, it feels kind and practical, to give the physical body a helping hand, but ultimately, as that teacher had taught me, emotions are at the top of our survival totem pole – the mind rules!

It feels like I’m living in one of those back-to-the-future movies, where each time I go into my past and inquire, I am literally changing my future – in ways I could never in a million years dream up.

Here’s what’s been working for me:

  • doing The Work without wanting to fix something
  • being willing to be whoever I am, doing what ever I’m doing (no matter how un-evolved it seems), and
  • experiencing receiving [more than] EVERYTHING.

Join me through The Work in being You, perfect and enough in every moment.

With love, gratitude, and trust, Alexandra

California, USA
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