Andreas Posavac

Ten years ago I would have probably laughed at The Work and other forms of self-realization. Back then my life appeared to be successful on the outside—being healthy, with a good job, in a great relationship, surrounded by many friends—inside I felt lost. What was not clear to me, was how unconscious I was while living my life and that my time was spent almost entirely looking for love, appreciation and approval from the outside. Trying to hold up images to get other people’s approval was extremely stressful and dissatisfying. It was everywhere: I was not truly myself, not in my relationship, not with my family, not at work, not with my surroundings, and that separation became more and more painful leading even to physical symptoms, stress and energy drain.

What I thought was the biggest nightmare, turned out to become a big present for me. Once my long-term relationship started to go sour, I got to know The Work by accident during a weekend seminar. Arriving there, seeing everyone hugging each other, in wide yoga pants had alarm bells ring and my judgmental mind came in full force. Luckily, I stayed for that weekend and finding out that most participants actually were “normal” people, with the same issues and problems that I had, no matter what their jobs or spiritual experiences were prior, helped. That weekend happened for me!

I made me understand and deeply experience the effect my thoughts have on my emotions, my physical feeling, and how this drives my behavior. It is actually crazy. This runs throughout our life and effects how you speak with your boss, how you treat your kids, how you run a company or just how good you feel, no matter what the circumstances are. It does not matter how rich or poor, how sick or healthy or how successful you are, if you are able meet your thoughts with understanding, you will be a happy person.

So after years of doing The Work solely for myself, I started to coach as well, simply to share and give back what it gave me. It is the most powerful tool I experienced. My main “focus” is to also offer The Work in business, in organisations and teams, as well as in relationships. I have worked in finance and M&A advisory for years and for a long time blamed these people as being part of the evil bunch, those being greedy and manipulative for their own good. It was clearly shown to me though, that these people, have exactly the same desire as us and I realized that they act that way for the same human reason: Fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of losing. Fear of disapproval. Fear of not being worth anything. In the end, we all face the same problems and we are all innocent and it would be a pleasure to be part of your way to realize that for yourself.

English, German