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Anjee Uprichard

Katie’s statement that stress is an alarm clock that lets you know you’ve attached to something that’s not true for you, was revolutionary for me. I was 67 years young and my 5-year-old ran my bus much of my life before I went to my first School for The Work. I came home not knowing who I was! No longer was I a black sheep of my family. And I could see how my husband of 15 years was my perfect partner even though we separated after having 7 children. And my guilt from the death of our 3-year-old daughter began to melt away as I learned about the three kinds of business. The flood gates of my inner world in which I had stuffed most of my emotions for years opened up and I cried and cried. The aftercare program working daily with fellow participants from the school kept me centered in The Work.

I knew I wanted to stay immersed in The Work and joined the certification process. The classes, workshops, and the people with whom I’ve worked have supported me greatly. My world keeps getting lighter and lighter. And unusual situations bring many gifts.

Caregiving for an elder was an amends to my parents; The past two years has opened me to a friendship and learning that has been very helpful and valuable in continuing my Work. My experience of life continues to show me my Work and its many gifts. Mediation is another area
of interest. After speaking separately with two volunteers for a local organization who had been unable to speak together for 6 months, I went home and did The Work for them. A few days later I opened the mediation setting the ground rules and they took it from there. I sat quietly and they found their solutions. The Work works when we open.

I look forward to working with you and invite you to give these four questions of The Work
an opportunity to show you your truth as we sit quietly and allow your truth to arise. The turnarounds then show you how best to live your life now. It’s a pleasure for me because it’s a win-win as I find my Work in your Work.

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