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Antony Lehmann

The Work of Byron Katie is the most powerful, simple and dependable method I have found to reduce stress and restore peace of mind. To me it is still both incredible and wonderful how effective it is for anybody willing to answer the questions. The Work can really open our hearts wide.

Before The Work I’d had a lot of suffering, although back then I would have called it stress. I have been suicidal, depressed, raging with anger, and absolutely terrified of losing control. Many, many mornings I used to wake up with a gnawing anxiety. My heart was shut for more than fifty years.

At the School for The Work with Byron Katie in 2010 something deep within in me woke up. In the words of the song, there was a crack where the light got in.

The Work has had a very direct impact on my life. The most marked has been the monumentally massive explosion of love within me in a way that I could never have imagined possible in the previous fifty-nine years. The love I experience now, for example when I am walking in a forest, talking to people, sitting in a coffee shop just watching what is going on around me or whatever, still blows me away. Another big change has been that, after twenty-five years of reading the Financial Times and monitoring the markets every day, I just stopped doing that and also stopped trading stocks. Also, I started dancing, first salsa, and now tango—it doesn’t bother me that I might not be very good. My relationship with my ex-wife is loving and friendly. I am much kinder to myself and much less prone to self-attack—a lot of guilt and shame has gone. Being vulnerable and powerless is OK with me. My level of fear has decreased enormously. Although stress can still arise, it tends to dissolve quickly, and if not, I find myself intensely curious as to what it is I might be believing in that moment. When that becomes clear I have The Work. Life is so much more comfortable. I am able to welcome painful thoughts without fighting and trying to overcome or subdue them.

Now I love to do The Work with people from all walks of life who are stressed. They could be carers; people in stressful jobs; those without work or living under financial hardship; children and teenagers; the physically disabled; those dealing with a cancer diagnosis; people in relationships; stressed couples trying for children; those with a drug or alcohol addiction or with eating issues; ex-offenders seeking support with rehabilitation into society and people with debilitating anxiety or panic attacks or going through divorce or bereavement.

I offer training workshops and individual sessions through Skype (or in person to those living in the UK) and am available to work with individuals or couples.

If you’d like to do The Work with me, or ask questions about The Work, please check my website or call or email me. I look forward to our paths crossing.

United Kingdom
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