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Becky Miller

I never knew thoughts had weight until I did The Work. It was my first reading of Loving What Is, and Katie’s words resonated strongly with my beliefs. I knew that we create our reality through our thoughts, and I tried to think better, happier thoughts in pursuit of a happier life. Until then, however, no one had ever taught me HOW TO DO IT.

I learned how to do it on page 19 of Loving What Is when I accepted Katie’s invitation to try The Work for myself. Twenty minutes later, laughing my head off, with tears pouring down my face, I felt a 2-pound weight lift off my chest.

“Wow!” I thought, “This really works!!”

Every time I have done The Work since then, I have found relief from thoughts that used to cripple me. I walk the world a lighter person because of The Work.

I call my approach to The Work “play” because it is the most fun thing I do. The thoughts we take to The Work are painful and heavy. But on the other side of the four questions and the turnarounds, for me, there is freedom, usually laughter, and always less weight to carry.

If you want to lighten the burden of your thoughts, I invite you to Play in The Work with me.

Arizona, United States
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