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Betty Peralta

In the years before learning about The Work, I explored various spiritual and self-help modalities. I would get excited about each new idea, and found that most everything worked for me… until I became bored with it or found the next thing. The Work changed that. Finding answers within meant that I no longer needed to be spiritually fed from without. Gurus and spiritual or self-help books became boring to me. I could still enjoy a quote here and there, but what truly fed me was learning about my (our) true nature. I have used The Work to find peace around raising an autistic son, healing from ovarian cancer, relationship difficulties, and deep family wounds (not to mention all of those little life annoyances that can build up into a malaise that drains one’s energy and throws shadows onto life!). The Work made it so that my happiness was always right there on the other side of the questions. Even after 15 years, I am never bored with The Work. It still feels new every time!

Training to facilitate The Work brought me new depths of humility. I learned that the more I trust the Work and my client’s truth, the more I am able to facilitate from my own true nature. Practicing this has enabled me to enjoy a purity of service, and nothing is more rewarding than that. Also during training, I learned that we are all just the same. While living in Tanzania, Kuwait, and The Dominican Republic, I facilitated everyone I could, children and adults, rich and poor. As a therapist intern in community mental health, I used it to help homeless clients, voice hearers, and drug users. When staffing the School for The Work and volunteering on the Helpline, I am both humbled and thrilled to do the Work with people from all walks of life. In facilitating people across humanity, I have discovered that—wow! We are truly all one mind!

Today I work with families as a developmental therapist. I am struck by how closely young children’s emotional needs match our adult ones, and how in doing The Work, we are moved to meet these needs naturally, both for ourselves and those we love.

United States, Washington
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