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Bryan Wagner

Some say that the “devil is in the details”. That is my experience. I have meditated daily for many years and benefitted greatly. But I noticed that I still lost my peace and happiness over the little, mundane happenings of life. When someone did something that I thought was unfair or hurtful, all the peace that I experienced from meditation disappeared. “He shouldn’t have said that.” “She doesn’t like me.” “I’m a failure”, “I can’t handle this” . . . It was the thousand and one little thoughts that kept me from experiencing the love and peace that I touched in meditation. My suffering was in the daily, mundane interactions of living. With The Work, I learned how to identify the ‘devil’ in the details and find peace—one stressful thought at a time.

In my personal experience of using The Work, I have questioned stressful thoughts around relationships, death and dying, dementia of an aging parent, homosexuality and internalized homophobia, God and religion, gurus and cults, and addiction.

I have also experienced working with others on issues around divorce, children, rape and incest, abuse, self-esteem, and career. I am open to working on any issue. I haven’t yet found an issue that is too dark, difficult, or scary that can’t be met with The Work and a willing mind. I find that however dark the mind gets, with The Work that very darkness provides the stepping stones to light and freedom.

As an acupuncturist, it is incredibly satisfying to share The Work with my clients. I love enabling my clients to end their own suffering and help them find the deeper healing of the mind. Likewise, I would be honored to walk with you on your path to greater peace and freedom. If you would like to work with me or have any questions please contact me.

MIssouri, United States
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