Catilin Frost

I love how The Work is so simple and yet so powerful. Even after doing The Work for almost 10 years–it brings me to my knees on a regular basis as it offers me a way to re-open my mind and heart to the joy and beauty of life when things get painful or scary. Doing my Work helps me to trust the inherent goodness of the universe and myself. It brings me back to love in my relationships with my family and friends when I experience anger, blame, hurt and frustration. It opens me to a world of unseen possibilities in my life and work when I feel stuck, afraid and confused. I have explored many philosophies and processes in my life (including meditation which I love) and nothing else has come close to this Work for bringing me peace and happiness and for freeing me up to move and act from a place of clarity and integrity.

The Work has served me in every aspect of my life. I have yet to find anything in my life, work or world that does not open to more peace, joy and possibility when I sit with it in the four questions and turnarounds of The Work. As a parent this work has been profound in continually bringing me back to unconditional love for my children and helping me find my own wisdom as a mother. Other areas I have worked deeply include fear, family and personal relationships and ‘history,’ death, health, body and food, trauma, work and creativity, money and sport. I am open to working with anything that life brings.

Together with my partner, I run a small consulting business offering group process facilitation and training for organizations and communities, as well as individual coaching for life and work. I am also a mother of two, a black belt martial artist and a soccer player.

I love to share this Work that has been such a profound gift for me. I am available to work with people individually in person and by phone or Skype. I am also available to share The Work through offering workshops and retreats – as a general introduction or with a particular focus. Please feel free to contact me to talk together about how I can support you.

British Columbia, Canada
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