Daniëlle van Ameijde

Before I knew The Work, I used to try to control the world, other people, and especially myself. I felt insecure and not good enough and tried to compensate for this by attempting to control my body through many different means. This continued for many years until I got a serious illness, and at that time, my boyfriend also broke up with me. After this break-up, my life appeared meaningless to me, and I believed that I had lost the love of my life forever. I was afraid about what would come and what I would never have again. I didn’t treat myself well and went out a lot of times to be with friends, using alcohol to try to feel better. Eventually, this forced me to look for other ways, and I soon met someone who introduced me to a method of questioning one’s stressful thoughts, called The Work of Byron Katie.

When I watched Byron Katie do The Work, I saw people letting themselves be guided through the process in their stress, experiencing a transformation in their present lives. Inspired by that, I followed the process inwardly. For a few moments, I felt free of my inner pain and stress. A few weeks later, I signed up for the School for The Work in Los Angeles, and before I knew it, I was already on the plane on my way there. At the School, I learned to inquire more deeply into the fearful thoughts that had lead to my compulsion to control, allowing me to let go into a deeper trust and to let the world, other people, and eventually myself be as we are.

My main themes in my Work have been the body, health issues, relationships, and self-image. This process of letting go of control and coming back to my natural trust in reality continues until this day. In my profession, I support young people with a criminal background to find back to that same trust in themselves, in others, and in the world that I myself found through The Work, and I heartily welcome you to tread the same path together with me.

Dutch, English