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Deanne Weinberger

Before I learned to do The Work, I was depressed and disconnected from myself and my family. I was very difficult to be around because I was always angry and critical. I would find fault in everyone around me, especially my husband, children, and friends. I could be very mean and then I would feel a lot of guilt about my behavior. I did not know what to do with all of these thoughts and beliefs and so I projected my dissatisfaction on the world around me and it became a very lonely and unkind place. My self-hate game was strong.

Learning to question my thoughts through The Work did not magically take away my depression and anger, but the worksheets allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings in a safe and compassionate way. The link between my thoughts and emotions became clear and the world started to make a little more sense. Discovering who I am without my thoughts continues to be a liberating experience. Slowly I realized that the world is a friendly place and that I am a friendly human in it. My self-love continues to deepen with each worksheet and I notice that this love effortlessly spills out into the world and toward everyone I come into contact with, especially my husband, children, and friends.

I am a Master Certified Life coach and teach The Work to new coaching students through two amazing coaching schools. I also offer online workshops, 1:1 coaching and facilitation, and all kinds of fun events that can help you tap into your own unlimited font of love, connection, and peace. Will you join me?

Nevada, United States
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