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Debra London

I am a Board Certified Psychiatrist who does The Work of Byron Katie. The adage Physician Heal Thyself has been especially true in my case, as I have witnessed how my own practice of Inquiry has worked to heal painful memories of childhood and adolescence. As a result, I no longer project the old stressful thought patterns of the past into the future. If I were to name just one gift of The Work in my life, it would be to acknowledge that it has given my mother back to me after being estranged from her for 37 years. As Katie often says, “The wonderful thing about the past is that it is over”. Through my experience in Inquiry I know that the present does not have to be a prisoner of the past nor a terrifying future.

For over a decade I have successfully integrated The Work into my personal and professional life. Over time, my experience of The Work has matured into a steady confidence in its power to catalyze healing and growth in my patients.

These are some of the things that I love about The Work:

  1. It works at light speed. I have experienced my patients experience freedom from the tyranny of their stressful beliefs in a single session.
  2. All it takes is an open mind—a willingness to question. I have used it with children and adults diagnosed with severe mental illness.
  3. It empowers my patients to take care of themselves with their newfound ability to be able to question their own beliefs without any further support from me. Some of my patients have gone on to attend The School for The Work and join the worldwide community of practitioners who have made inquiry a regular practice. I love making myself redundant in this way.
  4. It joins with and enhances any therapeutic modality. I have had success in incorporating The Work in Transactional Analysis, Immunity To Change Process, Enneagram, The 12 Steps, and Acupuncture.
  5. In my experience, the stress reduction that flows from inquiry allows for the tapering of medications responsibly within the context of ongoing therapy using The Work. I have noticed in my practice that a beneficial cycle can be set in motion. Lowered medication levels can free the patient to go deeper in inquiry for sustained stress relief.

I can vouch for the power of Inquiry in my life and in the lives of countless clients/patients who have alleviated their suffering beyond what I have come to expect in conventional treatment. I am available to do Inquiry by phone, Skype, FaceTime or in person.

California, United States
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