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Diana Kluijtmans

The Work found me in the form of Katie’s first book Loving What Is, in 2010, having been on the path of self-development for many years prior to that date. At first, it just seemed like a fresh approach towards self-development, yet later The Work unveiled itself as an essential tool for my inner freedom.

On my path gaining knowledge from many different sources was amazing, yet still mainly helped me on an intellectual level. The experience of The Work, however, allowed me to go beyond my thinking and believing. It has given and connected me with a sense of inner peace.

I realized in doing The Work, it wasn’t what happened to me that caused my stress, it was me believing the thoughts about what happened.

My line of work as a brand consultant already allowed me to connect with people’s hearts, yet being on my journey towards certification, a vision to do The Work with people, on a full-time basis, gained more relevance and importance for me.

Now certified, I do The Work with clients online or in person. As part of our changing times, topics like personal relationship stress, career path shifts, and insecurity relating to lifestyle changes are frequently there to be addressed.

I feel it is my privilege to meet you in doing The Work together.

Australia, New South Wales
Dutch, English
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