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Donnamarie Larievy

With The Work, my life is filled with more peace, love, and compassion. When I judge others and take the stressful thoughts to inquiry, I see the mirror image of me reflected back—the places where I have these qualities within me. I meet these thoughts with understanding and don’t blame others or myself for these beliefs that were once so stressful!! Layers of my thoughts unfold and are questioned as I continue to do The Work.

Prior to The Work, I frequently did things to win the love, approval and appreciation for others. I helped others even when I preferred to be gardening, walking the beach, or relaxing. The fear of rejection impacted me in multiple ways. I held back sharing my perspectives and feelings while creating much stress in my mind and body. In addition, I believed other people would eventually disappear from my life so I created a wall between us to protect me from getting hurt.

I strove for perfectionism in everything that I did—always looking for a way to improve myself educationally, professionally, personally and in relationships. It was like racing across the ocean, trying to catch the sunset. Yet, I never seemed to reach the other side. I was very critical of myself if I didn’t achieve the perfect grade; have the best paying job, the most fun or best relationships; or if I wasn’t at my ideal weight.

The Work helped me become less self-critical. Previously, I had many self-judgments, minute-to-minute, that were extremely stressful to me. Although I still have judgments about others and myself, the frequency has decreased.

My life consisted of living in the past and future often. I was concerned about what happened in the past, thinking that I could have changed the outcome if I made a different choice. I worried about what was going to happen in the future. I wasn’t paying enough attention to what was unfolding in each moment in the present.

My life and clients’ experiences included challenges such as body image, divorce, money challenges, alcoholism, injuries, illnesses, verbal abuse, career transitions, parenting, perfectionism, loss, death, and relationships.

Professionally, as a marketing consultant, I work with clients to create a marketing strategy, branding, and communications to market products and services; coach executives and offer programs to develop leaders, enhance relationships, team-building, and communication.

In addition, I coach clients who may be in a transition both professionally and personally; facilitate The Work and conduct workshops and Telecourses.

The Work really resonates with me and helps me meet my stressful thoughts with understanding.

I truly enjoy facilitating clients with The Work. If you would like to do The Work with me, please feel free to contact me for further information. I would be happy to offer you a complimentary facilitation if you are interested in The Work. I work with clients by phone or Skype throughout the world. In addition, I offer workshops and telecourses on The Work.

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