Edie Thomajan

When I first came across Katie and The Work, I was in a rut, thinking that my husband was the reason I was unhappy, that my kids were exhausting me, and that things were very unfair. It was a downward spiral: the more I saw things this way, the less gracious I became.

As I began to question my thinking through The Work, I saw that the way I perceived my life, comparing it to an unrealistic ideal or to other people’s lives, was the cause of my grief. As I questioned the story that had me entangled, I moved to living in reality more closely. Sometimes this is joyful, and often it simply means that I am aware when things are off for me. So I am more clear about how to move towards what is real, and move with my internal sense of what is kindest for me and the world. It means that indecision and being overwhelmed don’t have as much of a hold.

At times, it is stepping out of denial and facing some old pain. Answering these basic questions is not as painful as facing the same issues with resistance and shame. In my experience, this questioning softens these weary aspects of myself in a lasting way. Living honestly with more clarity, my relationships have depth and tenderness; I am more accepting of myself and everyone else. The Work has helped me find the courage to face what comes up with trust that everything is truly OK.

Some of the issues I have personally worked through include parenting and children, adoption, abortion, marriage, separation, loss, friendship, intimidation, guilt and despair. I have worked through what appeared to be a challenging relationship with my mother to find that she has always been here for me, and now my gratitude for her overrides everything else.

Before being a mother, I was a middle school English teacher and a mountaineering instructor with Outward Bound. I have volunteered for Hospice in their bereavement program. I am on the Board of Directors for Adoption Mosaic, an organization unique in its support for all members of the adoption constellation—adult and children adoptees, and adoptive and birth families. I am also a chef and guide in a Montessori middle school lunch program, supporting students to prepare lunch from the garden for the school.

I have facilitated people for several years looking into a wide range of matters of stress. Facilitating clients in The Work is a role I step into wholeheartedly. I have found that there is nothing too heavy nor too frivolous to take through inquiry, and I invite you to contact me as you explore what’s even more true than what you think.

Oregon, United States