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Edie Thomajan

As a Facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie, I collaborate with individuals, couples, and groups to support the questioning of the beliefs that cause suffering and confusion. I also host regular events including my favorite- Camp For The Work. I have a dedicated space, Southeast Sanctuary, for The Work of Byron Katie and the inner peace movement in Portland. I also work with people by phone and virtually.

Before I found this amazing practice, I looked outward to explain what bothered me: narrow-minded parents; my critical husband; a controlling boss; fussy toddlers; a thoughtless friend. As I questioned the old stories, I came to see that it was not my husband or anyone else, but my thinking patterns that created stress and hurt. The Work brings me back home to me, grounds me in healthier relationships, and sharpens my sense of direction. The Work supports me to face what comes, with trust that everything is truly OK. It has me living in the reality of my life rather than in the struggle to make it different. I explore what remains of my story with an inquiring mind. Gratitude comes in waves. From here, possibilities are abundant and welcoming, and life feels more like an experiment rather than a burden.

Some of the areas I have personally worked through include marriage, parenting, children, family dynamics, adoption, dandelions, religion, teenagers, neighbors, separation, loss, grief, abortion, competition, friendship, pet habits, intimidation, fear, rules, employers, money, work, politics, gender, race, regret, guilt, shame, and despair.

There is nothing too small nor too big to question, and the full range of people and experience are welcome.

Oregon, United States
Edie Thomajan
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