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Eduardo Zambrano

The Work is about the end of suffering. I want to end suffering in my world and the world at large. That is why I do The Work daily.

Every morning I identify my stressful thoughts, I question them, and then I see if the opposite of what I’m thinking and believing is as true or truer. Through these opposites—Katie calls them turnarounds—I find the answer to the question: “How can I live a happier, more joyful life?”

For most of my life I have sought fulfillment, love, and pleasure outside of myself. The result of this seeking is always neediness, restlessness, obsession, and burnout. Thanks to The Work I have come to see that there is another way.

After doing The Work on a concept such as “I need you to be kind to me” I learn that “I need me to be kind to myself” is truer. I can look at specific ways in which I can be kind to myself throughout my day. The result is a day filled with kindness. I learn that “I need me to be kind to you” is also truer. I find ways to be kind to you. The result is a life lived out of generosity, in the most natural way. It is a total kindness to myself, to be kind to you. With so much kindness going around I can see that “I don’t need you to be kind to me” is also truer. The result is a life filled with wisdom and love, for self and others.

The Work helps me see that everything I ever wanted I already have, that what I am without my story is kind, generous, patient, hilarious, and does not need anything other than what it has in any given moment.

The Work is pure genius. This genius is also inside you.

I am available to share The Work in daylong and weekend workshops and meditation retreats, in person, on the phone, on Skype, on the Do The Work Helpline, and I offer a free first session if that serves you to begin doing The Work.

California, United States
English, Spanish
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