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Elizabeth Lavine

I came to The Work in 2003 to find freedom from a crippling eating disorder. I’d heard for years before, “It’s not what you’re eating—it’s what’s eating you.” The Work gave me a precise, scientific way to identify what was “eating” me. Yes—thoughts and feelings that I assumed were automatically true, just because they “felt” or “seemed” true! So let me question the seeming!

It still astonishes me that at every moment, I have the freedom to choose: Do I want to carry on being entertained by agonizing thoughts and miserable feelings? Or do I want to consciously choose awareness and the freedom to question? The moment I interrupt any thought with “Is it True?” or any inquiry question, I am choosing to awaken awareness within. Awareness that has never been asleep.

I’ve had many years of freedom from food addiction. I’m grateful for all the darkness that was experienced; that is what forced me to turn to the Light—my own inner capacity to become free from not only “eating” beliefs, but freedom from any “dark” thought, belief, or tendency.

I am grateful every day for the silent power available through inquiry.

Some of the most challenging issues I have worked through include trauma, rape, violence, poverty, wealth, creative inhibition, suicidal depression, iatrogenic disease, loneliness, fear, and hate. I welcome your Work on any issue or challenge. It is my privilege to offer support and guidance as you find your own way with inquiry; to find freedom from any story that may seem to have a hold on you.

My area of specialty is with emotions, self-judgment, and cultivating silence in the four questions and turnarounds.

I meet with people on Skype or by phone and am available in person in the Santa Cruz, CA area.

It is my privilege and honor to support you in questioning any issue or challenge.

California, United States
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