Ellen Rush

My first experience of The Work occurred in 2000 when I attended a weekend workshop with Katie. I had been a spiritual seeker for some time and, in my search for “enlightenment.” I viewed the world as split between the spiritual and the mundane. The simplicity of The Work boggled the fixed ideas of my mind, and my first inclination was to run as fast as I could in the opposite direction. Instead, I found myself registering for the next School for The Work and since then my life has transformed in so many ways. My beloved mother and mother-in-law both died that same year and I was able to experience their deaths with peace and happiness. My relationship with my daughter has become much closer and deeper as a result of my getting “out of her business.” I live my life with much more acceptance, joy and tranquility as I “enlighten” myself every time I question my stressful thoughts.

I have been a psychotherapist for the past 20 years and The Work has become the integral aspect of my sessions with individuals, couples and groups. I am always so delighted to share this wonderful process with them and to witness the freedom from suffering that results. I especially love working with couples, and I specialize in the areas of depression, anxiety, grief, loss and trauma.

I welcome all issues and concerns and feel honored and blessed to be able to connect with you by telephone or in person at either my home office in rural Petaluma or my business office in Santa Rosa. Feel free to call me to explore the possibilities of working together.

California, United States
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