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Felippa Schaefer

In 2009 a friend gave me a CD recording of Katie’s book Loving What Is. Every morning before going to work I spent fifteen minutes on my trampoline and instead of listening to music I listened to this reading. It all seemed a bit too simple. And yet, I noticed I went to work happier each day. I hadn’t even done The Work, I had just been given a glimpse of another way to deal with thoughts. Life suddenly seemed lighter—I was intrigued.

Learning to do inquiry myself and facilitating others took the experience to a whole different level. I began doing The Work on various topics of my life: relationships, family, the body, and my job as a teacher. On the outside, things didn’t change that much. What mostly changed was the way I experienced my daily routine. Conflicts were resolved more quickly and there was a new, positive curiosity about situations that had only seemed negative before.

To me The Work is an excellent tool to slow down the mind and to find your own answers from a calmer place. I love the openness and freedom that come with expressing our thoughts honestly on paper—and then questioning them. I love the humor that can appear when an old concept suddenly shifts.

As a facilitator I offer individual sessions in German and English via skype and in person as well as group workshops. Any topic is welcome.

You can find more information on my website and you can contact me via email.

English, German
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