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Gabriele Kofler

When I met The Work of Byron Katie in 2007 in Vienna I lived a quite happy life, a long lasting and fine relationship with my husband, two wonderful sons, a profession I loved, friends, and a home I enjoyed. I just suffered with the unknown future and my anxiety about losing my beloved ones to sudden death ( I had lot of experience of sudden accidental death in my family of origin). I also was often tired from all the effort and mistrust with whom I tried to keep on going this apparently good but fragile life. But this seemed to be a normal part of life till then.

When I saw Katie’s warmth, clarity, and humor, and when I heard her saying “The worst that can happen is an uninquired thought” I really was touched. I understood that all my anxiety, stress, anger, and feeling lonely is just because I believe my thoughts. Asking the four questions and doing the turnarounds with my beliefs about death and loss was really mindblowing. It was totally different from whatever I experienced before. And, as I was psychotherapist and coach for 28 years, I had a lot of experience with coping anxieties, stress, and suffering.

Since that time I love to sit with this practice whenever negative and judging thoughts kick me out of my feeling lovely connected with the world.

The outward form of my life is still nearly the same, but my thoughts and feelings about others and life have changed enormous. I can see now how many concepts about life were dominating and limiting me. Concepts about what is the right life, how much appreciation I expected from others, specially from men and how much I did to get it, stories about my mother and that she never really loved me, stories about my husband where I always was the disadvantaged one, fighting a lot with others, also with my eldest son, that my version of reality is the right one, believing that I have to be good in competition to be enabled to live a good and prosperous life…

Inquiring all these hurtful beliefs with The Work showed me that they are not true. And the four questions and the turnarounds always brought me back home to a source of love and compassion, gratitude, and gentleness, which I could not even imagine before, that this is possible for and between human beings. Trust towards all manifestations of life has extended, business life without competition but in cooperation, supporting each other is increasing. When my son told me that he has cancer, I experienced this change of attitude towards life.

And it’s just a beginning.
As The Work is a wonderful gift for me, I love to pass it on to others. Being a self-employed coach, supervisor, and psychotherapist, I love to use The Work, for example for relationsship problems, job difficulties, team development, parenting challenges, sexual problems, or problems with the self-esteem and authenticity. I am available to work with people in person or over Skype. I also offer workshops as a general introduction to The Work or with a particular focus. I am part of the staff of a leadership program called &lbquo;essence of leadership” and there one modul is introducing The Work and inquiring all their stressful thoughts about business, employees, sucess, money …

I would also love to support you in experiencing the joy and blessing of The Work of Byron Katie.

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