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Grace Bell

Here in The Work, I found a way to gently stop my battles with anyone or anything…even the most sad, horrifying, disgusting or irritating things…including the battles I have raged with me. Some examples of my most changed stories, ones that used to be a nightmare and now are exciting and joyful:

With food and eating I was bulimic, anorexic, loathing my body, obsessed….now I feel like I did when I was a little child, eating when hungry, stopping when full, delighted with everything and most importantly, not spending time thinking about food, my body, or my weight, ever.

With divorce and relationships, I was terrified, abandoned, anxious, full of rage….now I feel like my former husband is one of my best friends and people I dated were amazing teachers. I discovered I was set free, not abandoned.

With money, work and business I was living in hell, sure I wouldn’t have enough, went down to zero in the bank, and believed that working was like being in prison and running a business was embarrassing (having to market or get clients)…now I do what I love every single day, I love work and everyone I encounter, I watch money come and go and know it’s perfect in just those amounts.

With sexuality I believed there was so much danger and so much sweetness it was difficult to even talk about (kind of like food and eating)….now it’s a conversation I love and an adventure to investigate, without shame.

With parenting I had the deepest fears of inadequacy, anger at the chaos, rage at my children opposing me, terror of my children getting hurt or dying….now I see my experience of parenting is one of most amazing teachings of surrender, love, letting go, and setting others free to live their own lives.

With cancer, pain and death I choked up with fear, wondered why this planet had so much and seemed so crazy, hated that my father died so young….now I have my father’s voice with me every day (he is not dead), I had cancer and it brought strange and unexpected gifts, pain is always staying only very briefly, and although the planet still seems beyond comprehension, it is wondrous to behold.
I have a private practice in Seattle, Washington and I work with people individually, in teleclasses, and live workshops from all over the world in-person and via skype and phone.

United States, Washington
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