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Gwenn Bair

Hello and thanks for visiting my profile page.   Like you, I’m traveling through life, trying to do my best with whatever comes my way.   That means I’m sometimes having a wonderful time of it, and other times finding the need to question the crazy, uncomfortable parts of this life adventure.  More accurately, “finding the need to question my thoughts about the crazy, uncomfortable parts of this life adventure”.    It’s a gigantic relief to notice the difference between reality and what you’re believing about reality.

The Work in My Life

I found The Work around 10 years ago and it has been a reliable tool to allow me to quickly move from stress/confusion/misery to peace/understanding over and over, “as needed”.   What a fascinating and utterly convenient tool—a pen, paper, and a few questions.  Who could imagine that a method so simple could open a door to so much insight, fun, comfort, relief, compassion, and love.

There are times when I like to supplement The Work with other helpful tools and insights from other teachers for myself, but The Work is my favorite.  Why?   Because the answers and insights are my own, and your own.   I get to be my own teacher, going to the source of what’s true for me.   When I hit a brick wall in a situation or relationship, questioning my beliefs through The Work offers a way for that wall to crumble, with creative solutions and understanding arising.  How empowering, how sweet.  When there is anxiety, especially at night, nothing relaxes me more than giving the gift of The Work to myself, discovering a new way of seeing a situation.

Relationship Work

Some of us have ongoing issues or concepts that need to be revisited and questioned again and again.   For me, it’s been the parenting life.  As I continue to be surprised and sometimes dismayed by what life is bringing in that area, I find so many gifts and lessons in it, with the help of The Work.   Learning and unlearning—unlearning in the best sense of the word.  The concepts that we hold solidly as being true, important, even universal, can be a source of the most pain and apparent separation.   I love to explore this area with others through doing The Work together.


Part of my past journey has included a religious path, with strongly held beliefs.  It takes courage to be willing to question the beliefs we are so sure are solidly true.   At this point, I have chosen to keep the ones I resonate with, and be happy with an “I don’t know” attitude on the rest.   What I am discovering through inquiry has allowed me to be more tolerant and understanding of others’ beliefs.

Certified Facilitation – “Holding the Space”

The Certified Facilitators have been trained by Byron Katie directly (and also through countless experiences of facilitating ourselves and others).   We are trained to “hold the space” for ourselves and others in order to discover freedom and one’s own truth. That means we offer gentle support for your inquiry by providing the structure of guiding you through the process.   I’m grateful to be able to offer that kind of support to you.

  • Offering introductory workshops on The Work of Byron Katie
  • Individual facilitation in person, by phone or Skype
  • Group sessions are usually held at the beautiful All Life Center for Integrative Well Being –  In Delaware, Ohio   (a suburb of Columbus)     www.AllLifeCenter.org

My Profession

Human Resources for an international business in Ohio.

Ohio, United States
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