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Habiba Christiane Pierau

From the outside, my life looked quite good: I had three sweet children, a loving husband, a nice flat in the town I loved. But inside I felt sadness, depression, I had a lot of fears. So I found myself often throwing tantrums, with low energy, and low self-esteem. Doing The Work helped me step-by-step to come into clearness, to reconnect with myself and with the whole of mankind. The problematic relationship to both my mother and my father changed, from rejecting them, to a very warm and loving connection. So that I today love to talk to my mother and be with her, where it before took me sometimes days to get balanced again.

Every time I do The Work by myself or facilitate others, it still thrills me how quickly stress can be replaced by happiness with this process.

I love that the Work doesn’t give you the answer: the answer is shown to you and comes from your inside.

It makes me happy, gives me energy. I feel connected to life.

And whenever there are ‘so-called negative’ feelings, I know what to do to come back to reality.

I look forward to sharing The Work with you through offering workshops and individual facilitation for the following topics:
Self-esteem and self-confidence, shame, guilt, fears
Job, business, success, money
Depression + loneliness
Body, sickness, death
Parenting + children + birth + family
Partnership + divorce + sexuality

English, German
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