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Helena Weaver

As my practice is currently full, I am unable to take on new clients at this time.

Before I found The Work I had lived trapped in depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. I’d grown up with a very critical father and the voice inside my head was correspondingly damning of me and everything and everyone else. I felt unsafe, unwanted, and not good enough. I was unable to step out into a world that seemed very scary. I had panic attacks, frequently felt overwhelmed by my feelings, and often became suicidal. Life was a constant struggle—just a kind of hell. I tried therapies of all kinds but nothing really cut through the darkness.

Then in 2004 I came across Katie’s book Loving What Is. Through asking myself the questions of The Work, I began to see how I had been terrifying myself with my thoughts, and that, amazingly, none of my thoughts were really true. Over the years since, I have been uncovering a kinder, gentler world through self-inquiry, and an inner lightness and quietness. Gradually I have stopped beating myself up, and fault-finding others. Increasingly, I am letting go, letting life live me, and realising life really is safe, and that the Universe really is a friendly place that I can trust. To my surprise, I even became able to live with and love another person. And as an artist my work is becoming increasingly fluid and free, and confident.

I have worked as an energy therapist and counsellor specialising in bereavement and trauma over the last ten years, and for the last five years mainly as a facilitator of The Work, looking at whatever clients bring to me. I still have a special interest in trauma—because of my own background. I love to gently walk with another into the painful places in the labyrinth of mind, and support them in discovering the innocence, freedom, and peace that I know lies within us all—that I have discovered and am still discovering and deepening into.

Do feel free to contact me if you feel drawn to do so. I am happy to have an initial chat with you to see how I may support you with inquiry.

I am available to work with clients online through Skype or Zoom.

United Kingdom
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