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Jenna Pool

I don’t let go of my thoughts, I meet them with understanding, then they let go of me.
—Byron Katie

My Journey with The Work

Very little could reach me in the dark times of my mind, before inquiry became a regular practice in my life. Depression, anger, and fear were my constant companions and my relationships, career, and health suffered. After diving into The Work, I could breathe again, supporting myself through triggers old and new.

With a regular practice of inquiry, I’ve uncovered and faced stress-inducing patterns of thought and moved through them to a lighter, more peaceful, clear-minded, focused, and free inner world. Stressful thoughts still show up and I notice either not attaching to them or with inquiry, moving through them more quickly to peace. As the healing builds, I’ve learned how what I thought was the worst thing to happen, was actually for my highest good.

I have facilitated hundreds of clients, guiding them through inquiry on their stressful thoughts in the following areas: abandonment, abuse, betrayal, bullying, control issues, death, trauma, impostor syndrome, inferiority, injustice, perfectionism, and shame.

Areas of Transformation:

  • self love and self commitment
  • family relationships
  • partnerships
  • work relationships
  • community and world
  • health of the body

My Invitation to You

The Work is a guided meditation, inviting us to question our thoughts when they cause stress. Stress can look like sadness, anger, anxiety, anything other than peace. Sitting in inquiry, focused on even the most minor annoyances, can yield the most profound truths. My clients, from all backgrounds and cultures, have one thing in common: an open mind.

Whether you are new to inquiry or looking to deepen your practice, I will support you as you meditate, opening the doors to your truth. From this new awareness, I will guide you as you discover your customized & simple directions for living out of your own wisdom.

You are invited. Bring an open mind, paper, and pen. Let’s begin.

One on one sessions, group inquiry, and classes available.

California, United States
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