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Joanne Richards

The first time I did The Work, I experienced such a relief from the pain of automatically believing the assumptions, expectations, blame, and resentments I’d been living with throughout my life. The Work went so deep I just knew I had found a way, or a way found me, that showed me it was possible to heal and change. Doing The Work shows me the way of Love: understanding, compassion, peace, kindness, patience, forgiveness, and trust. It guides me to what I can do and who I can be without the old habits of hiding, intolerance, insecurities, and arguing with the reality of it all.

Before The Work, I was experiencing recurring images of trauma after my brother was murdered, chronic disassociation and episodes of severe depression. I kept everyone at a distance fearing more loss, thinking I was protecting myself from more pain, and desperately trying to control frustrations that became so intolerable for me. I learned that that kind of protection was not needed and was so harmful. Doing The Work gently showed me how I was killing my brother repeatedly in my mind and killing any chance for forgiveness, inner peace, and connection with the world. The realization was profound and transformational. Now, rather than vivid images of his death, I have vivid images of his life and enduring love. As a parent with a child who experiences drug addiction, The Work has helped me to embrace my fears and emotions, to be a mom who listens, one who responds with an open heart and open mind, and loves however we both show up. I’ve experienced pure grace in loving him without the need and desperation to change him or the situation. Addiction has been one of my greatest teachers and a source of inspiration. All has contributed to realize a natural way of compassion and purpose to hold a gentle and safe space for suffering. It’s an honor to help families experiencing addiction to heal and transform confusion and pain into a calmer more peaceful way with a love that certainly transcends addiction.

I love to share The Work, and to experience how it shines a light into any darkness and lets our own inner light shine. It’s a way to the freedom of truth, found from within, and in each of us. It’s a gift of love. It’s a gift we can give ourselves that then gifts others. I specialize in Family Recovery Coaching, trained through the BALM (Be A Loving Mirror) Institute for Family Recovery Life Coach Training. It is a perfect partner with The Work, both offering a powerful path to healing, connection, improved communication and more peace. My programs include one to one sessions, eCourses through The Institute for The Work, a group online course in family recovery, and sporadic workshops in family recovery. Sessions are held in person, by phone, Skype or Zoom. From my heart to yours, I wish you and your family peace. In gratitude … Joanne

Arizona, United States
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