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Katherine Larter

My story of me cannot be your story of you, yet we may have some things in common. What I do know, is that I was once very afraid. Today, I experience clarity and courage, both motivated by compassion, kindness, self-care and love. It is “The Work”.

I’ll start my story here; “If it spreads you’re dead.” Well, not exactly the words my doctor used but that phrase sums up the situation. Waiting for the impending cancer biopsy and results, I felt compelled to figure out whether I had done all that I was supposed to in this life, and am I ready to go? The medical verdict truly meant life or death. No chemo. No radiation. I was not able to find a pinch of comfort in reviewing what I had accomplished up to that point in my life. Then one day, as I sat quietly with the question, I thought, “I am not as afraid as I used to be”. I inhaled. It was a very big breath which brought the knowing—that was it. I wasn’t as afraid and shy as I once had been. I felt relief; I could hang my hat on this. I was ready. I wanted to hear the biopsy results. For a few minutes I reviewed this shift in my life. As I left the room, I found myself saying aloud, “I would like the opportunity to become less afraid”. It is no wonder The Work would find me.

I had to come to terms with the fact that being a Professional Fundraiser and being challenged with Environmental Illness could no longer coexist. After recovering from the surgery my life seemed to turn upside down. Within that year my father died suddenly, my best girlfriend died of cancer, my marriage ended, I discovered I was in a lot a debt, and the house was up for sale. And, those are just the highlights. As this year was coming to an end I received CranioSacral Therapy at The Nova Scotia Environmental Health Centre. I had momentum again.

I changed directions and became a CranioSacral Therapist, opening a practice in Fall River. When sharing the essence of the Somato Emotional Release work (a component of CST) with my friend Darren. He mentioned that it reminded him of The Work of Byron Katie and some clients mentioned this as well. He offered the book and I loaned it out. I was thinking I was too busy with my practice and a Whole Body Energy Focusing program I was in participating in and would get to it later. Then one evening a member of a spiritual book club I attended walked in and said to me, “I don’t know why but I am supposed to give these to you”. She handed me a set of Byron Katie CDs”. We had never discussed Byron Katie. I got the message.

After listening to the CDs I bought the book and wrote my first Judge-Your-Neighbor worksheet. I remember that day so clearly. After completing the inquiry I cried with relief and gratitude as the work brought truth, clarity and peace to what had caused such fear and sadness. The synchronicity that came about over the next 4 years to become a Certified Facilitator of The Work was nothing short of amazing. I used to say luck would have it this happened and luck would have it that happened. I now say love would have it that this or that happened. I thank Certified Facilitator Valli Waugh for that correction—truth.

Over the years in those “porcupine” moments—when life was extremely stressful—I actually saw myself in a courageous mode. I now understand that my courage had been motivated by fear—fear of what might happen, or not. Through THE WORK, I have clarity to build courage that is motivated by compassion, kindness, self-care and love.

For me THE WORK continues to be an amazing and powerful tool kit that opens my mind and heart. I am becoming less and less afraid. With THE WORK I have the ‘how to’ to identify the thoughts and beliefs that are running underneath the fear. I have the ‘how to’ to release myself from those mind traps—those thoughts that can drive me crazy, into a mind shift—permanently. I am loving my more peaceful mind and loving seeing this transformation happen for clients and friends.

Personally and/or professionally I have facilitated THE WORK to attend to issues from stress, fear, personal and professional relationship issues, betrayal, forgiveness, anger, shame, bullying, trauma, faith, suicide, chronic pain and illness, procrastination, teenage issues, divorce, addiction, depression, to scholastic issues. I have facilitated “I hate math” and “I can’t do math” many times.

I am a Certified CranioSacral Therapist, Certified Whole-Body Energy Focusing Therapist and Certified Facilitator of The Work. I am also a member of The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers—yes, it’s been quite a transition for me.

I offer Mind Traps programs based on THE WORK designed for businesses, community groups and individuals. I welcome the opportunity to share THE WORK with you. We can do THE WORK by phone, Skype, and in person.

Canada, Nova Scotia
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